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Welcome to the PRX Store

What are Shell Shards?

Shell Shards is the donation system of the Project X Craft Network.
These shards are a global currency, meaning they will be in a balance that will carry over into any server you join on our network.
So for example if you buy them on the skyblock server, you will have them if you join the prison server, or any server you join!

How do they work?

When you donate to the server you will receive Shell Shards. ($1 USD = 100 Shell Shards)
So if you donate $50 USD you will receive 5,000 Shell Shards.
After you have your shards you can use them anywhere and on anything you wish so you can either buy something right away, or save them for a later day!
When you want to buy anything type /ss in game and it will pull up the Shell Shards shop menu. From here you can browse the shop of the server that you are on. Using /ss on a different server will pull up that servers store!
After finding the desired item from the Shell Shards store that you wish, then the amount of Shell Shards you spent on the item will be removed from your balance.
You can even give your friends some shards by using the command /sspay [User name] [Amount] In game!

Where do I donate?

Right here. (Given the amount is between $5-500 USD)
There will be absolutely no refunds for the purchase of Shell Shards.
If an item in any of our Shell Shards stores does not work correctly, please inform a member of staff immediately!

Buy Shell Shards

This will give you: 500 Shell Shards.

Sale! 50% off, This will give you 1000 Shell Shards.